Same Latitude As Rome is a Southern Ontario based folk group that has just released its 5th CD of original music, called "Early Days". "Early Days" continues the theme of Canadian history in song, and follows up the success of the bands previous CD "1812".

The new CD “Early Days” is a collection of songs written by award winning songwriter Peter Boyer that pays homage to Canada’s early history. Three of the eleven songs were written with co writers Dan Loncke and Heather Lavis and a fourth song is an instrumental co written with classical violin master, Besnik Yzeiri. Some might remember history class in school as boring, but if that was the case, these songs will change that memory. There are stories of explorers, hangings, murders, terrorist assassinations and massacres, poignantly told in songs representing the great oral traditions of acoustic folk music.

Songs have special power in bringing the past to life; especially when they are ably supported by an all-star cast of some of Southern Ontario’s best session players.  “Early Days” was recorded at Blue Gull Studio in Waterloo, Ontario and produced by the legendary musician and songwriter JK Gulley.  Three of the songs, “Song for Louis Riel”, “The Ghost of Bullock’s Tavern” and “Union Man” have received songwriting awards from Folk Music Ontario and the UK Songwriting Competition. Everyone involved in the project agreed that it was important to record a CD with a high production value and as radio friendly as possible, in order for the music to receive crucial support from radio programmers across the country. “I chose these stories because they each contribute in their own way, towards our national identity as Canadians, and a surprising few of us know much about these stories” says the group songwriter, Peter Boyer. “The early days of Canada were remarkable times, and as I began researching them, the stories told themselves. You can’t make up stuff like this!”