Album Notes - Stay the course

Stay the Course is the self prescription and follow up to Same Latitude As Rome’s 2015 release “Early Days”. Early Days charted at #34 nationally that year, and appeared on several Folk DJ best of 2015 lists as well. Canadian history never sounded so good! After two releases of history albums, SLAR songwriter Peter Boyer had other songs that he wanted to perform, so the new release includes history as well as other songs in the singer/songwriter tradition.

The two history songs – Lost Patrol and Perth’s Mammoth Cheese, are stories both tragic and humorous that represent obscure but important stories drawn from Canadian history.

The title track – Stay the Course is a song of hope, perseverance, and tenacity that represents the band’s own recipe for success – don’t give up! With the added voice of Canadian icon Sean McCann of Great Big Sea as a special guest of the band, Stay the Course is a message for us all as we struggle with life’s challenges.

‘Ol Beater Trucks tells a quintessential small town and rural Canadian story about driving a vehicle that is classic, soulful and paid for! Haha, Blue Shelby Mustang is a Windsor, Ontario story about a young guy who builds a fast cool car from a wreck and goes on to rule the street and the track with it. Old Guys With Guitars paints the picture of any open mike that you’ve ever been too, in a self deprecating way that only comes when you are no longer a voice of the younger generation. Add in Bad Habits – about the challenge of overcoming one’s demons, whatever they may be, and Quarter Horse Pro – a tribute to the men and women who make a very good living training horses in the 21 st century! How cool is that?

Add to this song stew the talents of some of Southern Ontario’s finest musicians, and production from JK Gulley at the tiny boutique Blue Gull Studio in Kitchener and you get an exciting new release worthy of air play and mainstream enjoyment. Enjoy it, Canada!