Peter Boyer

Peter is an award winning songwriter, who has performed his songs on radio, television, and at live venues across Canada.  He has performed as a professional musician since 1970.

Peter has written original songs since his earliest days as a musician. As a young man, he performed in coffee houses, such as Le Hibou Coffee House in Ottawa, and in concerts as a duo with his sister, Naomi Boyer as a folk duo called “Northwest”. One of his earliest collaborations was creating the music for Dan Aykroyd’s theatre production “Tom Paine”. The production was performed at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Peter has also received numerous songwriting awards and recognition, including: 2007; Great Lakes Songwriting Contest Semi Finalist – “Easy Street”, 2009; UK Songwriting Contest Semi Finalist – “The Faerie Queen”, 2010; Great Lakes Songwriting Contest Semi Finalist – “Song for Louis Riel”, 2013 UK Songwriting Contest Semi Finalist “Union Man” and “The Ghost of Bullock’s Tavern”. Peter won the political category of Folk Music Ontario's 2014 "Songs from the Heart" for his "Song for Louis Riel".

Peter’s interest in the oral traditions of folk music, led to the creation of many original songs based on Canadian historical events. "When I searched for traditional songs to tell Canadian important stories, I was surprised to find that very few had been written, so I decided to write some myself" says Peter.  Creating two historical CDs, "1812" and "Early Days", was never part of a grand plan - “I chose these stories because they each contribute in their own way, towards our national identity as Canadians, and a surprising few of us know much about these stories. The early days of Canada were remarkable times, and as I began to research them, the stories told themselves. You can’t make up stuff like this!”